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              Many parents choose children's English training institutions to help their children learn oral English. Next, Beijing foreign teachers will share with you what they mainly see in choosing children's English training?


              1、 The selection can depend on the teacher level of the institution. The level of teachers can affect the learning effect of students to a great extent. The teachers of oral English training institutions on the market mainly include Chinese teachers, Philippine teachers, European and American foreign teachers, etc. When choosing for children, we should look at the level of foreign teachers. How to look at it is another problem, that is, through the audition class.


              2、 You can see the course system of the institution when selecting. Curriculum materials are the medium for children to learn knowledge, and the rationality of the curriculum will affect children's interest in learning. If you want to understand the level of an institution, you can judge by understanding their curriculum system.


              3、 When choosing, you can see the teaching mode of the organization. At present, most of the offline oral English training adopts the large class teaching mode, which is not much different from learning in school. Learning English is more about watching, listening, speaking and practicing, so the 1-to-1 or small class model is very in line with the needs of English learners. It can give children more opportunities to speak and practice.